Nursery School

T. H. Nursery School Wing was established on 17th July’
1989. The school is a co-educational English medium

Getting the first five students with whom Mrs. Gargi Manju
started the T. H. Nursery School in 1989, had been a
challenge. But the tale today has taken quite a twist.

At present the challenge is to figure out a way to cope with
the increasing number of students seeking admission to
the school, whose reputation has not just grown steadily
over years, but shows a promise of rising further.

Like most good things the school had no need to go out of
its way to promote itself. Word of mouth campaign kept
bringing more and more children giving a shape to the
vision Manju has been carrying with her since childhood
even as she went about picking up valuable experience
teaching in schools across the country before she finally
settled in Ranchi.