Infrastructure of the School
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2. Infrastructure
- 2.20 Acres of land
- 60.000 sq ft built up area
- 42 Classrooms
- Separate laboratories for all Subjects.
- Separate toilets for boys girls and staff members.
- Fire extinguishers
- Office rooms.
- Sick rooms.
- Separate administrative and accounts wing.
- U.V filters for drinking water.
- Play grounds.
- Garden.
- Genset.

3. Class wise enrolments of students
Std 5 = 326
6 = 267
7 = 238
8 = 196
9 = 180
10 = 150
11 = 86
12 = 98
4. Address:
Tender Heart Sr. Sec School
Behind, Adwait ashram Tupudana Ranchi-834003

5. Email.

6. Telephone no

7. Details of S.M.C

Radiant streams of Sunlight, wireless networks, airy classrooms, balconies, rooms
and layered gardens are the highlighting features of Tender Heart Senior
Secondary School.

The twenty faced building is in the shape of a two-rupee coin is spread across
sprawling 3 acres of land is designed as per Vaastu Shashtra guidelines. The
layered garden symbolizing the ups and downs of life has got the School name
engraved in bold letters with “fresh green hedge”. The round compact cozy
school building, has its entrance facing the East while towards ‘Ishan cone’ (North-
East) is a temple for morning assembly.

If one side of the school building gives red carpet reception, the other takes you
to the ‘gurukul’. The school reception welcomes all to a room with a ceiling of
bamboo mats and shlokas penned on ‘bhoj patra’ with beams designed as wooden
logs, giving a typical traditional look. The “vaastu purush’ flooring the receptionist’
s table is designed to hold the four vedaas and three upnishads and a sculpture
of the goddess of learning lights giving it a 3-D effect.

Next to its is the Principal’s room giving the western look aiming-“East or West,
Education is one".