The four – storeyed, multi-coloured school building of T. H. Nursery
School is spread across an area of 3 acres.

The building is designed as per vastu shashtra guidelines.

The school is designed in such a way so as to meet such and every
small needs of the tiny tots. Each and every wall of the building is
engraved with different symbols, pictures & stories so as to teach a
moral to the children, thereby enhancing their knowledge. The building
has a language and it conveys a massage that children are the God’s
greatest creation.
“Every child is Special”

The entrance hall of the school building is engraved with the 3
monkeys of Gandhiji. They resemble

i)        Enchanting beauty.
ii)       Melodious tune.
iii)      Silver Speech.

They inspire our students to keep their eyes ears open and learn new
things in life.

The multi-coloured school building engraved with different types of
cartoons creates a very playful atmosphere in the school and
resembles the colourful aspects of the children life and aspires them
to learn new things from their surroundings. The different coloured
used in the school building has been carefully selected according to
the child’s nature and mood.

The school is designed on the concept
“Learning is Fun” and the
building is created in such a way that even if an 80 years old grown up
person will enter the school premises, he will feel jubiliated and happy.