1)        Garden : The beautiful school garden, studded with lots of swings
and flowers and other ornamental plants is called as “Pushpanchal”. The
school garden and Park is the Amusement Zone of the zone.

The play zone of the school comprises of the big playground
studded with all sorts of swing and other playing equipments including a
big play room for indoor games as well.

 Etiquettes Room : The Etiquettes Room also known as
‘Anandbhawan’ comprises the following:

Dining Room : It teaches them the table manners and to eat and         
drink merrily and become healthy.

Puja room : It is specially meant to enhance the spiritual                 
development of a child. It teaches them that “God is One” and encourages
them to be educated and bear all the difficulties of life with a smiling face.

Bedroom : It teaches the bed manners to students. It is like a dreamland
that teaches them to have a sound sleep and the different bed manners.

Dressing Room : It inspires the student to get ready for school from tip
to toe.

The door mats : Even the door mates are meant to teach the children
the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.   It conveys the message “Use
me and keep the house clean”.

Drawing Room : It is meant for the guest and here the children are
taught different ways to behave with a guest and as a guest.

Study Room : It teaches them the importance of studies in their like and
aspires them to make their future bright and come out with flying colours
in life.

Wash basin : they are meant to teach the tiny tots the importance of
water. Here they are taught to open the tap slowly and not to waste water.

Apart from these special features of the school, there is a
sick room in its
every floor.

There are about 100 toilets.

A big and well developed computer lab as well.

The building has specially been designed keeping all the needs of the
children in mind and all other experiences.

As it is quite obvious that the attitude and behaviour of a child reflects its
education and the type of schooling he has attended.

The school is aimed at making the students feel proud of their school and
they will feel elevated and of a better standard compared to others in the
global market.